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      1. 厚重溫縣
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        ??? 溫縣歷史文化悠久厚重,遠在六千年前就有人類在這里活動,境內有十余處仰韶文化、龍山文化和二里頭文化遺址,是黃河流域文化的發祥地之一,黃河文化、姓氏文化、懷藥文化、太極拳文化在此交匯醞釀。
        ??? 溫縣是古國、古都、帝鄉。約公元前21世紀,此地已建國,因境內有溫泉,稱溫國?,F在的招賢鄉上苑村,曾是夏代溫國的故都,也是西周至春秋時期的蘇國都城。春秋晉國時置縣,春秋戰國時期,溫城已是“富冠海內”的天下名都之一。溫縣是三國時期著名軍事家司馬懿的故鄉,司馬昭在現在的招賢村一帶修建了晉王城,司馬炎促民族一統建立了晉朝,因此而譽為“司馬故里”和“帝鄉”。
        ??? 溫縣名人文化影響深遠,老子來到了東口村隱居悟道,卜子夏跟隨著孔子傳播儒學,程嬰拯救了趙氏孤兒,司馬懿修建了轉兵洞,郭熙成就了山水畫家一代宗師,陳王廷創編了太極拳,晚清三朝元老、三代帝師李棠階促進了云南各民族的團結,世界考古學界大師董作賓被譽為“甲骨四堂”之一;儒、道、佛文化交融發展,修建于隋代的清涼寺、唐代的慈勝寺和元代的遇仙觀,既印證了多元文化的繁榮,也傳承了古代高超的建筑、書畫和雕刻藝術;姓氏文化源遠流長,是溫、蘇、邢、耿、覃、州、寇等姓氏的起源地,也是卜、石、常、蔡、傅、司馬等姓氏的發祥地;農耕文化歷史悠久,《左傳》中就有中國最早有關小麥產地溫縣的記載,歷代著名中藥典籍均有“四大懷藥”的記載,“四大懷藥”被歐美、東南亞等國家譽為“華藥”;太極拳文化博大精深,汲取了中國傳統文化之精髓,深受世界推崇,是溫縣走向世界的名片。

        ??? Wen County has a long history and rich culture. Far from 6000 years ago, there was the human activity. There are ten ruins of Yangshao,? Longshan and Erlitou civilizations. It is one of the origins of the Yellow river valley civilization. Yellow river civilization, family name civilization, Huai medicine civilization and Tai chi civilization are all mixed here.
        ??? Wen is an ancient country, city and hometown of emperors. About the 21st century B. C., a nation has been founded here, it was named Wen because of the hot spring. The present Shangyuan village in Zhaoxian town was the capital of Wen in Xia dynasty and also the capital of Su in Western Zhou Dynasty to the Spring and Autumn period. The county was set in Jin state in Spring and Autumn period. At that time, Wen had already become one of the richest and most famous cities in the whole country. Wen is the hometown of the famous militarist Sima yi in Sanguo period. Sima zhao built the Jinwang city around the present Zhaoxian village. Sima yan helped to unite the nation and founded Jin dynasty. So it is known as “native place of Sima" and “home of emperors”.
        ??? The influence of celebrity culture is lasting. Lao Tzu came to Dongkou village for seclusion and enlightenment. Bu Zixia followed Confucius to Spread Confucianism. Cheng Ying saved Zhao's orphan, Sima yi built a transfer hole for soldiers. Guo Xi became a great master of landscape painter. Chen Wangting created Tai chi. Li Tangjie who is the senior statesman of three dynasties and teacher of? three kings promoted the unity of each peoples in Yunnan; the world's archaeological master Dong Zuobin was known as one of "four masters on oracle bone inscriptions"; Confucian, Taoist and Buddhist cultures blended and developed. Qingliang temple built in Sui Dynasty, Tsisheng temple in Tang and Yuxian Taoist temple in Yuan not only indicate the prosperity of multiple culture, but also inherit the superb architecture, painting and sculpture. The culture of names has a long history. Wen is the origin of many family names as Wen, Su, Xing, Geng, Tan, Zhou, Kou, ect. It is also the birthplace of Bu, Shi, Chang, Cai, Fu, Sima, ect; farming culture has a long history, there are China's earliest records of wheat producing area Wen in Zuo Zhuan. Besides, there are records of "four Huai medicine" in almost all famous books on traditional Chinese medicine, "four Huai medicine" was called "Chinese medicine" in America, Europe and Southeast Asia and other countries. Tai chi culture is extensive and profound. It absorbs the essence of Chinese traditional culture and deeply admired by the world. In a word, Tai chi is the card of Wen reaching out to the world.