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      1. 城市民生
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        ?? 溫縣城建于隋朝,座落于溫縣青風嶺東部,南濱黃河,北傍沁水?,F規劃面積65平方公里,包含有老城區、城市新區、太極拳文化旅游產業園區和產業集聚區等“四區”。連霍高速和長濟高速連接線與省道獲軹線在城西交匯,城區有“子夏大街、古溫大街、人民大街、慈勝大街和司馬大街”和“太極大道、太行路、黃河路、振興路和南環路”的五縱五橫街路網,公交、出租車輛日夜穿梭。南水北調干渠、引黃干渠、引沁干渠和蚰蜒河、榮澇河、新蟒河、老蟒河環城或穿越而過,形成了三縱四橫的水網。城區有子夏公園、太極游園、濱河公園、榮蚰河公園等,有高級中學3所,在校生7295人;初級中學8所,在校生8840人;小學9所,在校生13775人。城區有縣級醫療機構4家,床位1061張。城區有文化中心和體育場館各一處。城區有盛弘尚都、金太極、好又多、建業服飾、鳳凰家居、大明廣場等大型商場。城區有盛世陽光、錦都花城、家天下等高檔居民小區。
        ??? 目前,城市總體規編制已完成。老城區改造、城市新區建設、太極拳文化旅游產業園區開發、產業集聚區拓展正熱火朝天地進行。一座交通發達,特色鮮明、功能完善、生態宜居的園林城市正在拔地而起。


        ??? Wen County which located in the east of Breeze Ridge was built in Sui Dynasty. The south of the city is Yellow River and the north is Qin River. It covers a planned area of about 65 square kilometers, which contains four areas include the old town, new urban areas, Tai Chi cultural tourism park and industry clustering zone. The link of Lianhuo highway and Changji highway intersect the provincial road Huozhi in the west of the city. There is a road network of five vertical roads and five horizontal roads "Zixia Street, Guwen Street and Renmin Street, Cisheng Street, Sima Street" and "Taiji Road, Taihang Road, Huanghe Road, Zhenxing Road and South loop". Buses and taxies are busy running around the city days and nights. North Water Diversion Project trunk canal , Yellow River diversion trunk canal, Qin river diversion trunk canal, Youyan river, Rong floods river, the new Mang river and the old Mang river are around the city or running through the city, formed a "three vertical and four horizontal" water network. There are Zixia park, Tai Chi park, riparian park and Rongyou river park. There are three high schools, 7295 students; eight middle schools, 8840 students; nine elementary schools, 13775 students. There are four county-level medical institutions, 1061 beds; one cultural centre and one sports stadium. People can go shopping in Shenghong, Jin Tai Chi, Haoyouduo, Jianye clothing, Fenghuang, Daming square and other shopping malls. There are also Shengshi sunshine, Jindu huacheng, Jia tianxia and other high-grade residential quarters.
        ??? At present, the comprehensive planning for city sculpture has completed. And urban redevelopment, construction of new urban area, developing of Tai Chi cultural tourism Park and the industry gathering zone's expansion are proceeding. An ecological livable garden city with developed transportation, distinct characteristics and perfect function is springing up.