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      1. 農業生產
        溫縣黨政門戶網站www.hawk-lab.com 發布日期:2013-05-28 18:27 責任編輯:admin


        ???? 溫縣擁有悠久的農業歷史和精耕細作的優良傳統,是全國聞名的小麥畝產千斤縣、優質小麥種子基地和“懷藥之鄉”,是全國整建制推進糧食高產創建示范縣和糧食生產核心區建設重點縣。
        ??? “全國小麥看河南,河南小麥看溫縣”,小麥種植是溫縣的傳統優勢,小麥單產連年保持全國領先水平。擁有縣農科所、平安種業公司等農業科研機構10余家,先后培育的11個小麥品種通過國家和省品種委員會審定,溫麥系列種子暢銷河南、河北、安徽、江蘇、陜西、湖北、山東、山西等黃淮海8個省區,年推廣面積達到3000萬畝。其中豫麥49、豫麥49--198已成為黃淮海地區冬小麥的當家品種,為保障國家糧食安全做出了積極貢獻。黨和國家主要領導人曾先后到溫縣視察農業工作。
        ??? “四大懷藥”以其獨特的藥效和滋補作用蜚聲海內外,《本草綱目》、《神農本草經》等歷代中藥典籍都給予了高度評價。溫縣是懷山藥、懷地黃、懷菊花、懷牛膝“四大懷藥”的正宗產地,特別是溫縣種植的“鐵棍山藥”,以入口“干、甜、面”和含有豐富的DHEA、氨基酸等多種微量元素,備受世人推崇。
        ??? 近年來,溫縣積極打造農業新優勢,以縣農科所為核心,平安種業公司和供港蔬菜基地為支撐,規劃建設了占地7平方公里的現代農業示范區,通過擴大土地流轉規模、調整農業產業結構、推廣農業新技術等措施,一個國家級現代農業示范區正在興建之中。


        ??? Wen County has a long agricultural history and the fine tradition of intensive cultivation, is nationally renowned for half kilogram wheat per mu county, high-quality wheat seed base and "town of Huai medicine", is the national model county to promote the grain yield and key county of? the construction of grain production core area .
        ??? Henan wheat is the best in China, Wen wheat is the best in Henan . wheat cultivation is the traditional advantage of Wen County, wheat per unit yield has remained the national leading level. In Wen County, there are about ten agricultural research institutions such as Agricultural Science Institute of Wen, Ping'an Seed company and other institutes which have cultivated 11 assortments of wheat varieties confirmed by national and provincial variety committees. They sell very well in 8 provinces as Henan, Hebei, Anhui, Jiangsu, Shanxi, Hubei, Shandong, Shanxi in Yellow river and Huai river areas,? promote an area of 30 million mu every year. Among them, Yu wheat 49, Yu wheat 49--198 have become the main varieties of the Huang-Huai winter wheat which make a positive contribution to protect national food security.The major party and state leaders have visited Wen County to see the agricultural work .
        ??? Four Huai medicine are renowned at home and abroad for their unique and nourishing effects, Compendium of Materia Medica, Shen Nong's Herbal Classic and other ancient Chinese classics have given them a high eva luation. Wen is the authentic origin of "four Huai medicine" yam, foxglove, chrysanthemum, achyranthes, especially the "iron yam", praised highly by people for the taste of "dry, sweet, soft" and wealth of DHEA, amino acids and other trace elements.
        ??? Wen County actively creates new advantages in agriculture. Centering on the county's Agricultural Science Institute, supporting by the Ping'an Seed Company and vegetable supply to Hongkong base, Wen planed and constructed a modern agricultural demonstration area of 7 square kilometers. By expanding the scale of land transfers, adjusting the agricultural structure, promotion of new agricultural technologies and other measures, a state-level modern agricultural model zone is under construction.