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      1. 濱水生態
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        Wen County is a plain, slightly elevated from east to west, the elevation is 102.3-116.1 m. Due to the repeated flooding of Yellow River and Qin River, there formed the geomorphic feature of high west and low east, south Beach and north depression, the middle post. There are 13 rivers in the county which are the Yellow River, Qin river, South water to north trunk canal, old Mang River, new Mang River, Youyan River, Zhulong River, Rong floods River, Ji river, city moat, Zhou village floods river , Beileng floods river , Ji Mang interception and discharge. The total length is 227 km. There are 290,000 mu of the Yellow River beach.

        In order to create a livable new city, Wen county uses the advantages of rich water resources and the Yellow River beaches, actively carry on implementation of water and greening projects. Yellow River diversion project, Qin River diversion project, Guangli River diversion project and other ecological management of water recharge projects implement and intersect in urban areas, form a river system around the city and people see blue waves all year round. Currently, the city is implementing a reconstruction of the urban reach of new Mang river, old Mang river downstream renovation, Youyan River and Rongyan river parks construction and other ecological river system projects are implementing at present. Meanwhile, Wen County is planning to take the soil from the north Water Diversion Project to establish the Plain reservoirs, and strive to create a better water ecological environment.

        Meanwhile,with the endeavor to construct the forestry ecological project, a 10-thousand forest park and 15-thousand-mu protection zone of the Yellow River wet land have been built, and 154 thousand mu green coverage and 21.5 percent of forest coverage have been achieved. The green coverage of the built up area in the town has been up to 12960 mu, and the afforesting rate 36.1 percent. The new development pattern of forestry has taken shape which integrates the construction of industrial raw material forestry bases in beach areas, farmland forestry, river roads and ditch channels, and urban afforesting as a whole.
        ??? In the near future, a livable city in the water, in the Green, in the garden, will show in the world.